Arming Militants in Syria

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been scrutinized heavily for proposing a freeze in the Syrian refugee program.

“I’m no big fan of Donald Trump. I think he’s a narcissist, I think he’s a potential authoritarian,” Paul said in an interview with Yahoo News. “But I also think it’s unfair to say he’s the biggest recruiter for ISIS.”

Paul is among many who disagree with the positions and language of Trump, but are concerned with the safety regarding refugees from the middle east, and the potential threat from terrorist groups.

“I think really every time we’ve toppled a secular dictator in the middle east we’ve gotten something worse, and something less stable,” Paul said in an interview with CNN.

Paul argued against involving the United States in the Syrian civil war in September 2014, and it was one of his themes in the presidential election.

“If there is a theme that connects the dots in the middle east, it is that chaos breeds terrorism,” Paul said on the Senate floor. “What much of the foreign policy elite fail to grasp, though, is that intervention to topple secular dictators has been the prime source of the chaos. From Hussein, to Assad, to Qaddafi, it’s the same history. Intervention topples the secular dictator, chaos ensues, and radical jihadists appear. The pattern has been repeated time and time again, and yet what we have here is a failure to understand, a failure to reflect on the outcome of our involvement in Arab civil wars.”

“Think about this. We’re voting, or obscuring the vote in a spending bill, to send $500 million worth of arms to Syria, to people who we say are the vetted, moderate Syrian rebels.”




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