My fingers ache as they squeeze the steering wheel. Sweat drips from my palms and forehead as I desperately attempt to stay locked in place. Thirty-mile-an-hour winds bounce semi-trucks left and right, terrifying me as I stare at the mere inches left between my sedan and a concrete barrier.

A screaming ambulance blasts past me, navigating through a sea of parked cars on Interstate 35 south of Austin. A small silver vehicle is turned sideways, smashed against a median wall. Plastic debris trickles across the pavement in the relentless frigid wind.

After winding through a few pitch-black country roads in New Braunfels, constantly adjusting my high beam headlights, the brightly-lit River Road Ice House appears. A solid, loyal fan base linger around inside, willing to brave the hectic conditions for a chance to hear Chris Knight.

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Chris Knight performs at the River Road Ice House. Photo by Andrew Blanton


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