I’m crunching stones on a gravel road in the river beds of Blanco, Texas praying my crumbling tires won’t explode. I’ve got an hour to cut around Canyon Lake and cruise through Wimberley for the Redbird Listening Room’s one year anniversary.

“This old house was built in the 30’s,” co-owner Dallas Burrow said, “and honestly it was really my mom’s idea. I didn’t think in a million years it would ever work. I didn’t see the vision that she saw, but low and behold its turned out to be an incredible thing. We’ve had some amazing shows here, and the Reed Brothers were our second show, so it’s very fitting that they would be here for our year anniversary show.”

When owner Carolyn Lehmann found the property on the edges of New Braunfels, it needed a serious renovation to turn the nearly century old home into a viable music venue. Family and friends came together to install woodwork, condition the floors, and renovate the yard and outdoor area. The seating is a combination of lobby style chairs you would find in a vintage shop window and donated church pews. The sound is the highest quality and the cooperation of the audience creates a connection that you often wouldn’t find in the entertainment districts around the Hill Country.

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