The mixmaster I’m keen to has eight freeways colliding like rapids on an expedition… where you grip the wheel and grind your teeth as you twist like a bobsled in a corkscrew.

The 50th annual Kerrville Folk Festival has a much more inviting mixmaster, one paved with gravel and steeped in tradition. A passageway to another world with its own ambitions.

Kerrville is a delightful small town deep in the Hill Country. A local storefront proclaims “over three-dozen sold,” a tongue-in-cheek nod to the billions of hamburgers McDonald’s made at its franchises.

I set out on the trail to Camp Mama Tried, an eclectic group of music lovers, artists and down-to-earth hippies that claimed the same land for the past decade. There is a dome tent constructed out of a former trampoline and tarps covering the kitchen next to the custom made after hours stage. Community dinners are the glue that holds each camp together and the kitchens scattered across the grounds would give any restaurant a run for their money.

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